What is Green

When we hear the word ‘infrastructure’, we think of roads and bridges that help people move around. But there’s also a ‘green infrastructure’ – those areas surrounding our local creeks and streams that help convey water in a safe and natural manner.

Why is it

When our urban centers were designed, engineers at the time removed water from the premises by channeling it into drains and pipes that often overwhelm our local creeks and streams. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Property Owners

The Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association actively maintains the website CreekSmart.org, which explains how Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) like rain gardens and cisterns can be easily installed at your home or business.


View the Creek Smart® curriculum to teach your students the importance of Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management.

Policy Makers

Read about the impacts that legislation can have on the health and safety of our local waterways.

In the

View ECWA’s Green Infrastructure vision for an urban portion of Durham.

Build Your
Own Tour

Choose Creek Smart sites around Durham to see Green Infrastructure in action!

of Terms

A collection of words, acronyms, and concepts related to Green Infrastructure

Durham Five Points GI makeover

Durham Five Points Green Infrastructure Makeover