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About the Beaver Marsh Trail

Learn Your Trail
A Beaver Marsh Project

Learn Your Trail is a project designed and developed to help create a more interactive experience for visitors here at the Beaver Marsh. As you travel along the preserve trails, you will find 8 individual posts with signs on them. The signs point out different site topics and each will have a QR Code on it. The QR Code can be scanned using your mobile device, which will connect you directly to interesting tidbits on the sign’s subject matter. Here you will access information related to the Beaver Marsh Preserve on various topics: Mammals; Amphibians/Reptiles; Birds; Insects; Native Plants; Stormwater Runoff; Wetlands; and, of course, ECWA’s organization.

With the right tools and a bit of curiosity, we hope you find this exploratory experience worthwhile and fulfilling. So get yourself ready and give it a go.

What You’ll Need

Smartphone loaded with a QR-code app. That’s about it.

Where Can You Get a QR-Code app?

If you don’t have a QR-code app on your smartphone, you will need to download one of the following apps to your smartphone. There are other apps as well that will work if you search “QR Code Scanner” on the App Store/Google Play Store/Marketplace:

  1. iPhone: QR Reader

  2. Android: QR Droid Code Scanner

  3. Windows: QR Code Reader

NOTE: If you do not have one of these phones, you can access the content as well by simply going to:

How Do You Use the App?

  1. Walk right up to one of the eight signs along the trail.

  2. Open up the App on your phone.

  3. Direct your phone toward the sign and Scan the QR-code.

  4. Voila!! Your phone will be redirected to the host site and information content will magically appear before your eyes (on your phone of course).

  5. Proceed along the trail to the next sign and Repeat.

We hope you find this project informative and enlightening.
Enjoy and have a wonderful adventure!

"Learn Your Trail" was developed for ECWA as an Eagle Scout project by
Mathew Jacob of BSA Troop 316 of the Occoneechee Council in Apex NC.

September 2016


Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association
331 W. Main, Ste. 511
Durham, NC 27701

These web pages are the Eagle Scout project of Mathew Jacob.
Thanks Mathew!